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Professional Accountants in Business (PAIB)

The majority of MIA members are made up of professional accountants in business, who works across a business landscape that is constantly evolving with requirements and expectations for corporations to be more competitive to remain relevant and sustainable.

Therefore, it is important for the Institute to continuously engage with these members and gear them to be future-relevant through enhancing their knowledge and skills.

Among the efforts that MIA has done for PAIB are:

  1. CFO Circle
  2. Publications
    i) Competency Framework for CFOs in Public Interest Entities (PIEs)
    ii) Competency Framework for Finance Function in Public Interest Entities (PIEs)
  3. Articles in e-AT
  4. MIA Articles of Merit on PAIBs
  5. Integrated Reporting Advocacy
  6. Valuation Guidance
  7. Regulatory Guidance
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