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In promoting the accountancy profession at all levels, MIA has over the years conducted career and educational talks to public and private institutions of higher learning and schools.


The objective is to focus on educating and creating interest amongst students at institutions of higher learning as well as secondary students to consider accountancy as their career in the future. The students will also be exposed to the route to become qualified accountants and the importance of registering as a member.

For enquiries, please e-mail to education@mia.org.my.


As part of MIA’s initiative to promote the accountancy profession to students, MIA is actively conducting talk sessions to disseminate information about MIA and pathway to becoming Chartered Accountants in Malaysia. Upon completion of the talk sessions, students are expected to achieve the following:

  1. To understand the background and functions of MIA
  2. To identify the entry routes and requirements to be Chartered Accountants in Malaysia
  3. To identify the career prospects in accountancy profession
  4. To identify the benefits and privileges as Chartered Accountants

The following are talk sessions that were held:

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