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Islamic Finance

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The Islamic Finance (IF) Committee is a committee established in 2009 by the Malaysian Institute of Accountants.

Its primary objectives are to promote Islamic finance through various initiatives such as collaborations with relevant stakeholders and regional accountancy bodies in promoting the adoption of IFRS and the international convergence of standards. It also aims to support the government’s commitment to promote Islamic Finance to become a significant part of the Malaysian economy and provide a competitive edge for the country.

Unleashing the Potential of Islamic Finance

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Accounting for Islamic Finance
Free text book from MIA

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This complimentary textbook seeks to bridge the current lack of reference materials on accounting for IF transactions. By making it available for free downloads worldwide, MIA is facilitating access to this textbook to instil the knowledge of applying MFRS on Islamic finance transactions among the students of universities and institutes of higher learning as well as provide useful reference materials in teaching the application of MFRS on IF transactions. In addition, this book could be a point of reference that explains and clarifies the rationale behind current applications of MFRS for Islamic finance either for Islamic financial institutions or other industries. The textbook project was led by MIA’s Islamic Finance Committee and the Malaysian Accountancy Research and Education Foundation, in collaboration with multi- stakeholders from Bank Negara Malaysia, IFIs and academicians.

White Paper on Shariah Audit

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This White Paper aims to articulate the importance of having consistent Shariah compliance for the issuance of Islamic finance services and products, particularly through the adequate implementation of Shariah governance structure and Shariah audit practices.  This paper provides an overview of the diverse regulations and current practices, as well as the issues and policy recommendations relating to Shariah audit for islamic banking and takaful, islamic capital market, islamic co-operatives, public trust entities and other islamic institutions such as state islamic religious councils.


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