Ts. Nagendran Perumal
Group Chief Technology Officer

Nagendran worked at 3S Consulting in 2013 as an advisor to various technology companies related to software developments and project management. More than 30 years of experience in software development methodologies and project management. And has extensive experience in providing
consulting services to government, semi government, reorganisation and process improvements. He was also involved in the setting and developing of business activities in Australia and India.

Nagendran previously worked towards a researcher specializing in artificial intelligence and database systems. Not just that, he has worked with Century Software (M) Sdn Bhd by managing and advising the outcome-based budgeting for the ministry of finance Malaysia and government data exchange for
the agency MAMPU under The Prime Minister’s department.

Nagendran’s earlier employment was at Tenaga Serata Sdn Bhd as managing and advising the key projects there and then worked at MIMOS as the senior director where he oversaw the software development lab and for development platforms.