Categories: Complaints & Sanctions, DecisionsPublished On: 29/08/2022

Tan Hooi Chia (29513):-

As sole proprietor of an audit firm, T & Co (‘the Firm’) had been suspended for 3 months effective 15/9/2022, imposed a fine of RM3000-00 and costs of RM4000-00 by the Disciplinary Committee of the Institute on 29/8/2022 for having committed a breach of independence requirement of her audit firm on 14 till 20/8/2019 and 11/9/2019, as discovered by the Practice Review Department (‘PRD’). This is pursuant to the discovery by PRD that the audit engagements of her Firm, namely VKG Automart Sdn Bhd, Sungguh Kemajuan Sdn Bhd and Eyeland Optometry Sdn Bhd had also engaged one other member of the Institute, of Avenue Secretarial Services as the company secretary of the said audit engagements of her Firm, wherein the member is her biological mother.