Categories: SpeechesPublished On: 13/11/2020

Dr Nurmazilah Dato’ Mahzan, Chief Executive Officer, Malaysian Institute of Accountants, PAIB Committee Members, Distinguished Speakers, Ladies and Gentlemen

  1. Good morning and welcome to the 6th CFO Circle, a high-level virtual gathering for senior finance leaders.
  2. On behalf of the MIA PAIB Committee, which advocates the interests and advancement of professional accountants in business, I thank you all for participating in this CFO circle session. MIA has close to 37,000 members, 75% of whom are Professional accountants in business. PAIBs comprise a significant part of the profession working in commerce, industry, financial services, education, and the public and not-for-profit sectors. The PAIB Committee focuses on ensuring these accountants meet the future needs of these sectors. Let us work together to get more new members on board and to advocate for the most important issues affecting the growth of the finance function and finance leadership.
  3. Today’s session will focus on Talent Management Strategies, specifically Strengthening the Platform and Infrastructure for Employees for Malaysia 5.0. This is critical for finance leaders as you typically lead a team of people. Talent management strategies must therefore be on point to ensure that your talent is motivated, productive and aligned with the goals and vision of the organisation; otherwise you would be operating at cross-purposes. It goes without saying that talent management is also important to help develop employees to their fullest potential and to retain them, in order to not lose out on our investment in our talent.
  4. Today, I am delighted to welcome talent leaders from Maybank, the country’s largest bank and also an organisation that is recognised for its effective and innovative talent strategies in developing its large workforce. In this virtual CFO Circle event, we will hear from both a human capital leader as well as a finance leader who are well-versed in the talent and strategic challenges facing finance functions and finance leaders. Thank you, Natasha Wambeck, Talent Lead, Group Succession and Talent Development, Maybank and Khalijah Ismail, Group Financial Controller of Maybank Group for being here with us today.
  5. Natasha and Khalijah will be sharing on Maybank’s Talent Management Strategy comprising three key thrusts which are workforce futurisation, workplace futurisation and future ready infrastructure. Importantly, they will highlight how Maybank has effectively embraced digitalisation to optimise its talent management. This strategy supports the Bank’s aspirations to become the ‘Digital Bank of Choice’ and its focus to consistently create an enabling, meaningful and exciting work environment. So today, we will hear about how Maybank is preparing its talent for Malaysia 5.0, how they have strengthened the platform and infrastructure for employees, and this is especially relevant for finance leaders and accountants, how they track and monitor the progress of their talent strategies.
  6. On behalf of MIA and the PAIB Committee, I hope that you will find today’s CFO Circle sharing useful. In this secure and private webinar, do feel free to openly ask questions to our guest speakers. In line with MIA’s drive to collate and analyse data for future initiatives, the webinar will be recorded, and the findings documented to help us to better understand the challenges and issues faced by CFOs and to propose solutions.
  7. Do enjoy the webinar. Happy Deepavali and please stay safe. Thank you.