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To ensure that standards of professional competence are rigorously upheld, MIA will continue to conduct CPE compliance audit on all active members annually.

CPE Compliance Audit 2021 was carried out in 29 October 2021. Members were randomly selected for audit and requested to submit the following:

  • 20 structured CPE credit hours for year 2021.
  • Produce the evidence of the CPE credit hours submitted.

Members who did not comply with the previous CPE Compliance Audit was selected for a re-audit as a continuous monitoring of members’ CPE compliance. The CPE compliance Audit and Re-Audit 2021 was closed on 30 June 2022 and the compliance rates for the audited members are as follows:

CPE Compliance Audit 2021
Non-compliance 58%
Compliance 40%
Others (8 removed, 1 deceased and 1 resigned members) 2%
CPE Compliance