Rehab Concept

Rehab Concept is a collective of dedicated therapists aiming to enhance rehabilitative services through contemporary, evidence-based practices. Our team at Rehab Concept comprises skilled and devoted professionals, including physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, sports therapists, and Pilates instructors, all bringing a wealth of experience from their overseas training.

Driven by passion, these therapists have leveraged their international expertise to establish a fresh rehabilitation approach beyond the confines of a hospital setting, ensuring optimal care. At Rehab Concept, the team is committed to delivering high-quality, affordable, and personalised care, striving for the best possible rehabilitation outcomes.

Benefits & Privileges

Corporate Rates for MIA members

a) Kuching Branch

Services Session Normal Rates (RM) MIA Members Corporate Rates (RM)
+ Free Consultation
Physiotherapy &
Occupational therapy
1 session RM 150 RM 140
5 sessions RM 700 RM 650
10 sessions RM 1,300 RM 1,200
Dry Needling RM 150 RM 130
Sports Massage 60 minutes RM 100 RM 90


b) Petaling Jaya Branch

Services Normal Rates (RM) MIA Members Corporate Rates
Musculoskeletal Rehab RM 180 RM 162
Post-operative Spine Rehab
Oncology Rehab
Lymphoedema Management

Terms & Conditions

Please mention the Malaysian Institute of Accountants and present the MIA Membership Privileges e-Card to enjoy the benefits.

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