Kybun, a health footwear company offers two therapeutic products which are kyBoot & kyBounder.

Kybun aims to spread the health attributes of kybun products by strengthening your muscles, relaxing your back and being kind to your joints.

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KyBoot gives you a unique feeling of comfort as you walk on a soft, supple air cushion and it is the most comfortable walking shoe.

Kyboot helps to reduce fatigue, raise overall fitness levels, and eliminate muscle aches and pains such as:

  • Knee osteoarthritis / Gonarthrosis
  • Pain at the front (ball) of the foot (high arched)
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Knee pain and Back pain (Flat foot)



With the soft, supple, springy kyBounder mat, sedentary work can easily be done in an active, upright position. On the kyBounder, exercise takes up no extra time at all: do it as you work on the computer, do the ironing or watch TV. The soft, flexible, springy surface exercises your muscles, relieves tenseness and improves your posture during spot running, spot jogging and coordination exercises.

KyBounder helps to reduce joint tension, inflammation and also muscle cramps. In addition, kyBounder also improves flexibility, lymphatic circulation and coordinative abilities.

Terms & Conditions

Contact Details

  • Niela Kesuma Yusoff/ Corporate Marketing Manager
  • 03-7805 2111 ext 4432

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