Invitation to participate in MIA RoboCFO Pilot Programme

The RoboCFO Pilot Programme is part of the memorandum of understanding (MoU) between MIA and MyFinB Sdn Bhd to assist members in leveraging on technology such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) to allow more meaningful business operations. MyFinB, a fintech firm, builds robo-adviser platforms (in this case a RoboCFO platform) that is able to process data and prepare reports while people or the CFOs get to be involved in more strategic roles.

RoboCFO is an AI-enabled analytical platform that converts financial statements into a detailed and narrative insights. It is a post-accounting tool that allow members to make evaluation, assessment and recommendations accurately and in a timely manner.

Benefits & Privileges

  • MIA members shall receive a system-generated report detailing the analysis of financial score/rating, strengths and weaknesses and ways that the company can take to address the gaps.
  • MIA members will also be entitled to a 45-minute virtual live chat session at site on how to use the report.

Terms & Conditions

How it works?

  • Each MIA member shall receive a token of USD150 to analyse one company’s financial statements.
  • MIA members can either upload or key in the financial data of a company with a minimum of two years financial year-end figures. (Referral Code: MIAPILOT150)
  • Once data is submitted, the relevant report in PDF format will be sent via email within the same working day.

Contact Details

  • SB Lim, DIAL Partner
  • -
  • +6019-9199149

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