IJN Corporate Rates – Executive Screening Program

IJN offers enticing Corporate rates for Wellness Programme Packages for MIA members and their spouses.

Benefits & Privileges

Institut Jantung Negara (IJN) have launched the new Wellness Packages which provides a much more choices. IJN’s Heart Screening Program or also known as Executive Screening Programme (ESP) goes beyond just a medical Examination. IJN has a team of highly trained doctors who will run through a series of tailor – made tests and medical screening to determine your state of health.

IJN is giving corporate rates i.e. 10% to 30% discount tier (depending on packages) to MIA members and spouses.

Below are the terms and conditions to undergo the programme and please refer to IJN’s website (http://www.ijn.com.my/health-and-wellness/) for more information.

Terms & Conditions

Appointment date

  • Appointment dates are available for individual or group bookings based on “first come, first serve basis”. Participants are advised to book a date at least two (2) weeks before the appointment date, to ensure successful bookings of the preferred date.
  • All bookings must be accompanied by personal details for registration purpose. Please note that ESP appointment is open from Monday to Saturday (except Public Holiday).
  • Confirmation and reminder of appointment date will be sent to each participant via email or post, and SMS (3 days before appointment date).


Medical report

All test results shall be obtained within the same day of ESP appointment and our Cardiologist will consult the ESP participant upon completion of all tests. We shall forward the written complete medical report within one (1) week after the appointment date to each participant according to their given correspondence address, unless otherwise stated by the employer (with participant’s consent).


Payment method

Payment must be made upon registration by cash or credit card.


Allied Health Services

IJN also provides allied health services which include Cardiac Fitness Program (CFP), Quit Smoking Clinic, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitations Program (CPR) and Respiratory Clinic.

Contact Details

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