Categories: Notices & StatementsPublished On: 16/03/2020


As the regulatory body for the accountancy profession, the Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA) is closely monitoring the COVID-19 outbreak and taking the necessary precautionary measures to protect MIA stakeholders who are involved in our operations.

To safeguard health and safety, the MIA management is encouraging everyone to adopt the best practices and infection prevention techniques as recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Ministry of Health (MoH), such as washing your hands frequently, avoiding touching your face, practising the correct etiquette for coughs and sneezing, maintaining social distance and seeking medical care if you have fever, cough and difficulty in breathing. More information can be found at the

Whilst taking the necessary action to minimise the contagion risks of the outbreak, we are committed to continue our operations and support nation building.

We wish to assure all stakeholders that we will continue to keep abreast of the latest developments of the COVID-19 outbreak and monitor closely in implementing any additional measures promptly as deemed necessary.

In the interest of transparency and accountability towards our stakeholders, we would also like to share the measures we are taking to ensure your wellbeing during MIA engagements and events as follows:

  1. All MIA engagements & Continuing Professional Development (CPD) events with more than 50 participants scheduled in April 2020 are deferred to future dates.
  2. Implementing and complying with the MoH guidelines to protect our stakeholders.
  3. Conducting temperature screening upon arrival at MIA engagements and event venues.
  4. Ensuring the venues are sanitised and adequately equipped with facilities for hand sanitising.
  5. Requiring health and travel declaration.
  6. Discouraging handshake.

We urge all stakeholders to adopt precautionary measures at all times as per the advice from the Ministry of Health.

We will assess the Covid-19 situation on a weekly basis and provide updates and advice when necessary. Thank you.

Thank you.

Dr Nurmazilah Dato’ Mahzan

Chief Executive Officer
Malaysian Institute of Accountants