Categories: Media ReleasePublished On: 18/11/2021

The Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA) and the Malaysian Institute of Certified Public Accountants (MICPA) are pleased to announce that they have jointly published the new Tax Governance Guide (the Guide) as part of the accountancy profession’s advocacy for tax transparency and good reporting practices amongst listed issuers.

“The Tax Governance Guide is intended to provide guidance to the directors of listed issuers in reporting the management of tax matters affecting corporations in their annual reports, in line with international developments related to the Environmental, Sustainability and Governance (ESG) agenda. Such improvements in tax transparency will promote trust and credibility in the tax practices of listed issuers and enable investors and stakeholders to make informed decisions,” stated Dr. Veerinderjeet Singh in his capacity as MIA President and MICPA President.

In order to improve access to the Guide, Bursa Malaysia in its longstanding collaboration with the accountancy profession has made the e-publication available on the BURSA SUSTAIN platform which advocates for best practices among listed issuers. On behalf of MIA and MICPA, Dr. Veerinderjeet thanked Bursa Malaysia for supporting the accountancy profession’s advocacy for enhanced tax governance reporting in annual reports.

“Subsequent to Bursa publishing this Guide on its SUSTAIN platform, MIA and MICPA look forward to exploring future collaborations with Bursa on potential advocacy programmes for tax governance reporting among listed issuers. MIA and MICPA strongly encourage directors of listed issuers to be cognizant of the importance of tax governance in their oversight over tax policies, as Malaysia pursues improvements in corporate governance, market confidence and business sustainability,” concluded Dr. Veerinderjeet.

The Tax Governance Guide can be accessed HERE on the Bursa SUSTAIN platform and on the MIA and MICPA websites respectively. For more information, please contact or