Member Firms Mergers & Affiliations (M&A) Portal

Member firms who are interested to register in this online business register are requested to provide relevant information using the form provided.

The Institute reserves the right to edit this information before it is posted on the Institute’s online business register which can then be viewed from the Institute’s web-site. However, the Institute will not review the information posted for accuracy, truthfulness or completeness and as such, any person who reviews and relies on such information must do so at their own risk. The Institute, the officers, the employees or agents of the Institute disclaim all and any responsibility or liability to any person or entity for any errors or omissions in respect of the information contained in the business register and or for anything done or omitted to be done by any such person in reliance whether wholly or partially, upon the whole or any part of the contents of the same. Please note that incomplete information on the template will not be entertained and a new submission will have to be submitted before it can be processed.

All information will be tracked for a period of three (3) months (or shorter if requested by the firm) and thereafter, such information will be archived and will then not be accessible by the public. A new submission will have to be done to enable continuous posting on the Institute’s web–site. By submitting the template to the Institute, the firm is deemed to agree to the above mentioned terms and conditions.

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