Initiatives for SMPs

The Small and Medium Practices (SMP) Department was established with effect from 1 May 2015, as part of the Institute’s continuous efforts towards the capacity and capability building of SMPs.


  1. Support the development of SMPs and assist them to improve their audit quality
  2. To act as the coordinating department for all the Institute’s initiatives and activities
  3. To be the focal point which SMPs can contact to obtain information / assistance on SMP matters.

In line with the objectives, a single contact point has been created where SMPs can seek assistance from, i.e.

Members who work in SMPs are encouraged to utilise this single contact point for obtaining information on SMP matters and for obtaining assistance in making connections with other departments of the Institute.

If you have any input on areas where MIA could strengthen its efforts towards capacity building of SMPs, please email to

Scope of the SMP Department

  1. To provide practical and customised quality assurance assistance to SMPs on implementation of new financial reporting standards, international standards on quality control, practice management and business advisory;
  2. To develop guidance materials / tools for SMPs on practice management and implementation of new standards;
  3. To assist SMPs in the pre-practice review and post-practice review stages to ensure their compliance with professional standards and regulatory guidelines;
  4. To review the relevancy of Public Practice Programmes annually for new SMPs and to assess their performance;
  5. To identify current and emerging major issues & draw them to the attention of the SMP Committee for consideration;
  6. To seek synergies with other MIA committees / departments in respect of issues affecting SMPs, especially in addressing the common findings of practice review;
  7. To liaise with the relevant authorities and professional bodies in respect of issues affecting SMPs;
  8. To tap on government assistance schemes for the benefits of SMPs; and
  9. To provide secretariat services to SMP Committee.
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