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The coaching session is an initiative under the MIA’s Public Practice Committee (PPC) for audit licence interview candidates who failed two time and above since 2013.

The coaching session aims to provide avenue for candidates to identify areas of weaknesses that require further improvement, to provide feedbacks on the interview sessions that have been attended and to boost candidates’ confidence to re-attempt the interview.

In June 2018, the Public Practice Committee has revisited this initiative to enhance the effectiveness of the Coaching Session and this has been translated into a more structured Coaching Session.

Moving forward, the coaching session will be conducted as follows:

Structure of the Coaching Session

  1. The coaching session should be viewed as an opportunity to discuss together strengths (if any) and areas for improvement of candidates in order to further enhance the possibility of passing the interview. These sessions are intended to be a dialogue, with two-way interaction, of which candidates are expected to speak freely on his opinion of the interview process / topics / questions.
  2. Each session will last about an hour.
  3. There will be 2 facilitators for each session which is comprised of any two of the following:
    1. Panel Interviewer
    2. PPC Member
    3. Executive Director, MIA Professional Practices and Technical Division (PPT)
  4. The session will be scheduled on the same day of each PPC meeting (1-hour before the meeting) and utilize the meeting room at MIA.
  5. To prevent any conflict of interest, panel interviewers who involved in coaching session for a particular candidate will not be allowed to interview the same candidate in future.

Approach of the Coaching Session

  1. Facilitators will start off by introducing themselves and invite candidate to introduce himself/herself.
  2. The facilitators will highlight strengths (if any) and areas of improvement of the candidate in his past interview sessions and a summarized version will also be provided to the candidate.
  3. Before concluding the session, the facilitators will invite the candidate to share his thoughts on the interview process and topics/questions asked and invite suggestions for improvement in the interview process.

Criteria for Selections of Candidates

Candidates are eligible to attend the coaching session if they meet the following requirements:

  1. Candidates who have failed more than 2 times (with no marginal failure at the latest attempt); and
  2. Gap between the recent and previous attempts must not be more than 2 years; and
  3. Candidates must have attended the Seminar “Interview for Approved Company Auditor” or committed to attend (by providing proof of commitment to attend the seminar); and
  4. Candidates must have intention to re-attempt the interview in the next 6 months.

The Secretariat will analyse the data obtained from Accountant General, identify the eligible candidates, proactively follow-up with failed candidates and make arrangement for coaching sessions for those who failed more than two times.

Alternatively, candidates who meet the above criteria may also directly request for the coaching session by writing to us at smp@mia.org.my

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