Categories: Appeal, Complaints & SanctionsPublished On: 22/04/2021

(a) For the record, Charge 2 against the Appellant has been dismissed by the Disciplinary Committee on 7 July 2020 based on a precedent of a matter before the DC. The DC hereby finds the Appellant guilty as charged based on the Appellant unequivocal admission to Charge 1 and Charge 3 respectively vide letter dated 22 October 2020 from the Appellant’s legal counsel and Ringkasan Hujahan Mitigasi dated 22 October 2020 attached to the letter.

(b) Following the above findings, the DC imposed the following disciplinary punishments:

  • Charge 1
    • An imposition of a fine of RM4,000-00; and
    • Pay the Institute RM4,000.00 in respect of costs and expenses of and incidental to the disciplinary hearing before the DC and the investigation conducted by the IC; and
  • Charge 3
    • An imposition of a fine of RM4,000-00.

The DAB in exercise of its powers under Section 21 of the Accountants Act 1967 [Act 94] and Rule 28 of the Malaysian Institute of Accountants (Disciplinary) Rules 2002 [P.U. (A) 229/2002] had made order to confirm the decision of DC and to pay the costs and expenses of and incidental to the deliberation by the DAB of RM2,000.00. The order of the DAB took effect on 22 April 2021.