Awards Process and Timeline


1: Please submit your application by 11.59pm on Wednesday, 31 May 2023


2: Submission will be reviewed for completeness.

July – August

3: The submission will be evaluated and shortlisted by the Adjudication Committee based on assessment criteria and rubric.


4: Shortlisted participants will be invited to a pitching session* (either physically or virtually).


5: Based on the pitching session, the Adjudication Committee will finalise the evaluation and determine the winners.


6: The winners of the awards will be contacted and invited to the awards presentation dinner.

Pitching Sessions

During the pitching session, each shortlisted participant will be allocated 15 minutes to make presentation to the Adjudication Committee and 5 minutes for Q&A session. Only one (1) presenter is allowed to present for each shortlisted participant.

The presentation should cover the following:-

  • Description of the digital technology adopted
  • Implementation of digital technology adopted and challenges faced
  • The impact of such technology adoption to the organization
  • Other relevant matters

The presenter is encouraged to include relevant information in their presentation to support the application.

Supporting Ministry

Supporting Organisations

Supporting Professional Bodies

Supporting Technology Providers