The objectives of DTAA are as follows:

  1. To recognise digital technology adoption efforts.
  2. To promote the need for digital technology adoption by sharing success stories across the accounting profession.
  3. To raise awareness of how accountants contribute to businesses and economy through digital technology adoption.

Digital technology adopted in this circumstance refers to technology (i.e., system etc.) or any enhancement / features to an existing system which was adopted between 18 to 36 months at the point of submission. If you are able to demonstrate and describe the impact of the technology or additional features to an existing technology to your company as per our Awards Criteria, you are welcome to participate in the Awards.

Yes, the technology adopted (i.e., technology / enhancement to an existing technology) needs to be in LIVE environment between 18 to 36 months at the point of submission.

There are 3 categories, 13 sub-categories, and 14 processes in DTAA.

The entry deadline has been extended to Wednesday, 30 August 2023. Thus, all application must be submitted by 11.59pm on Wednesday, 30 August 2023.

All information and documents submitted are private, confidential, and not available to public.

In addition, prior consent will be obtained from the selected winners on how their digital adoption story be featured in MIA communication and publications.

No, the information submitted is only available to the DTAA Adjudication Committee and Secretariat.

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