Become a C.A.(M)

Become a A.M.(M)

Applicants under the Associate Member category must:

  • Possess a first degree or a Master’s degree or higher in which he/she must have a major in accounting for either his/her first degree or Master’s degree; and
  • He/she has not less than 3 years’ experience in teaching accountancy or accountancy-related subjects at an institution of higher learning or equivalent.
  1. Before starting the online application, please have the following documents ready:
    • scanned copy of a recent passport size photo;
    • scanned copy of Identity Card being certified true;
    • scanned copy of university degree or Master’s degree certificate/s or higher and Full Examination Transcript being certified true; and
    • scanned copy of Record of Teaching Experience (RTE).
  2. Academicians who wish to register as an Associate members must submit RTE to support not less than 3 years’ experience in teaching accountancy or accountancy- related subjects at an institution of higher learning or equivalent. Click HERE to download the RTE form.
  3. Submit application as Associate Member. Fill up the Personal Details, Qualification and upload the Supporting Documents.
  4. The application fee payment of RM700.00 is to be made through Payment gateway (iPay88).

Note on Member Induction Course:

The Institute’s By-Laws provides that all newly admitted members would be required to attend the Member Induction Course (e-MIC) which is conducted via e-learning within 6 months from the date of admission. Please note that there will be a fee to enrol for the e-MIC.