The Accountants Act 1967 entrusts MIA with the powers to develop and regulate the accountancy profession to support nation building.

Development Goals and Activities

In order to align MIA’s work with the country’s holistic development goals, it is essential to regulate and develop the accountancy profession to become relevant and future-proofed for the digital economy.

Currently, MIA is working closely with the Ministry of Finance to reform the Act and align accountancy regulations with the 21st century landscape that has been disrupted and transformed by technologies and the COVID-19 pandemic. This will strengthen MIA’s regulatory powers and enhance the effectiveness of our surveillance and enforcement role, to ensure that our members behave ethically in discharging their services to their clients.

MIA’s regulatory and development activities are aligned with our 4 Strategic Objectives and steered by our short, medium and long-term strategic plans. MIA carefully priorities its activities to optimise our impact.

Currently, we are emphasising on ethics, skills quotients and digital adoption to embed values, upskill accountants in line with international accountancy education standards, and equip them for the digital economy.