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Recently, SSM announced the following partial and full reactivation of its online services as follows:

  1. Partial reactivation of MyLLP System through beginning 14 April 2020. Services that are available:
  • User Registration (new user registration only can be activated after the SSM counters are back in operation)
  • Application of Name
  • Registration of LLP
  • Change of Particular
  • Annual Declaration
  • Change of Name
  • Extension of Time
  • Appeal of Name
  • Rectification
  • Winding up
  • Supply Info (except for the purchase of the Certified True Copy (CTC) document, as SSM does not provide CTC document retrieval services over the counter during the MCO period. CTC documents can only be obtained after the SSM counters are back in operation)
  1. The portal for the supply of corporate information to Ministries, Departments and Federal Government Agencies (KJAKP) was reactivated with limited access beginning 14 April 2020. Existing users will be able to use the portal as usual.
    For further enquiries on the KJAKP portal, please channel your feedbacks to
  2. Further reactivation of the MyCoID System for registration of charge under Section 352, 354, 356 and 361, Companies Act 2016 is available from 14 April 2020. Please refer to SSM’s press release on the reactivation of MyCoID System issued on 2 April 2020.

However, the registration of charges via the MyCoID system is only applicable for existing users. Registration of new users can only be conducted once the physical SSM counters have been operationalised. For further enquiry, please channel your feedbacks to SSM Contact Centre at

  1. Fully reactivation of the corporate information supply service beginning 13 April 2020 via (MyData-SSM) and (SSM e-Info). All corporate information products involving company and business entities can be accessed through the websites for 24 hours daily. Customers can channel their enquiries on MyData-SSM’s website by contacting 03-2775 9339 and send email to, while customers with feedback on services offered by SSM e-info can call 1300-30-4636 or send email to Any feedbacks regarding the information, can be channeled to SSM Contact Centre at after the MCO ends.
  2. Partial reactivation e-Secretary System to allow new applications for a practicing certificate to act as a company secretary under Section 241 of the Companies Act 2016, with effect from 13 April 2020. However, the renewal application module of the practicing certificate is currently being upgraded to accommodate SSM’s recent announcement on the extension of time for company secretaries to comply with the 20 CPE requirements for the first renewal. For further information pertaining to the extension of time for the renewal, please refer to MIA’s Circular 26/2020 Extension of Time for Renewal of Practising Certificate for Secretaries Under Section 241 of the Companies Act 2016 issued on 25 March 2020. SSM will make further announcement on the readiness of the renewal module once the upgrading work is completed. For further enquiry, please channel your feedbacks to SSM Contact Centre at
  3. In line with the reactivation of various online services, the SSM had also reactivated its Customer Contact Centre with effect from 13 April 2020. Thus, all enquiries and feedbacks on SSM services can be emailed to However, due to limited number of staff and partners mobility, other customer contact channels will be reactivated in stages from time to time.

Please refer to HERE for the SSM’s announcements pertaining to the above.
Please be guided accordingly.
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