Categories: QE UpdatesPublished On: 22/07/2009

Dear All,

Please be informed that EPF has included MIA QE in the list of Professional Course/Skill which is approved for EPF education withdrawal. You may apply to EPF to withdraw your saving in Account 2 as a financial assistance to complete your study in MIA QE. You are required to submit a complete set of documents as per EPF’s requirement including a copy of degree certificate for the first time withdrawal. The approval letter from EPF is enclosed for your reference and you may use this letter to support your application. For further information on the procedures for withdrawal please visit to Should you have any enquiry, or require additional information regarding this withdrawal, kindly contact:

– Any EPF Office nearest to you;
– The EPF Call Management Centre (CMC) at 03-8922 6000;
– Online feedback :

For any assistance from MIA, please contact Education Department’s staff at 03-2279 9200 ext 310 (Ros), 313(Siti) or 314 (Yani).

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