Categories: QE UpdatesPublished On: 07/01/2011


Please take note that if a new standard or revision to a standard becomes effective by 31 August in the current year, they will be examinable for the March and September examination in the following year. Facilitators and candidates should take note on the changes made especially to these standards:

Standard Title
FRS 101 Presentation of financial standards (revised)
FRS 3 Business Combinations
FRS 7 Financial Instruments: Disclosures
FRS 8 Operating Segments
FRS 123 Borrowing costs
FRS 127 Consolidated and separate financial statements


However, the other remaining standards which are listed in the syllabus content are also examinable. Please visit the Malaysian Accounting Standards Board website at to get further info and latest updates on the standards.


Recommended texts:

The latest edition of the Financial Reporting Standards for Malaysia (3rd edition) and Company Accounts and Reporting (7th edition) by Jane Lazar are now available in the market. These two books are based on the recent changes made to the standards mentioned above. Should you be interested to purchase the books please contact MIA Resource Centre at 03-2274 5055 or Email to