Categories: QE UpdatesPublished On: 31/03/2010

MIA is always finding ways to provide better academic support to its QE candidates to ensure better performance in their examinations.

As a result, the MIA Examination Committee has come up with some measures to improve on the performance of QE candidates.

The following measures have been agreed upon for implementation:-

a. Candidates are recommended to only register for Advanced Financial Accounting and Reporting (AFAR) paper in one examination sitting. This is to allow candidates to have ample study time to cover the AFAR syllabus more effectively.


Reading time will be introduced for 15 minutes for each examination paper. Candidates are allowed to read the questions only within the reading time. This will come into effect in September 2010 examination.


Tuition programme for the AFAR paper will be extended to 8 hours (2 classes) to give time to candidates to practice on revision questions with proper guidance from the facilitator. Tuition flyers will be distributed to the candidates in early May 2010.

For more information, contact MIA Education Department at 03-2279 9200 ext 310, 313 or 314 or email to

Thank you.