A seasoned prosecutor and enforcer, Redzuan Abdullah is entrusted with strengthening the regulation of the profession in order to enhance quality and compliance, and build Integrity, Accountability and Trust. Backed by nearly four decades of experience in criminal justice and prosecution work, he leads MIA’s Surveillance & Enforcement Division, which encompasses Practice Review, Financial Statements Review, Investigation of complaints, Disciplinary Proceedings and Appeals, and the Legal Unit.

Redzuan’s approach to regulation combines education, engagement and enforcement. First and foremost, MIA educates members and engages them to encourage compliance. At the same time, his team works vigilantly to detect and prevent serious violations and abuses in the market. Post-investigation, offenders will be served with the appropriate sanctions, especially those members and accountants contracting with unqualified and/or bogus accountants who offer public practice services and erode the public’s trust in the profession.

Under his leadership, the S&E division actively collaborates and engages with co-regulators to share information and initiate punitive and penal action where necessary under their respective jurisdictions. Redzuan advocates impartial justice without fear and favour, where MIA proactively initiates investigation and disciplinary proceedings against its members and accountants in the ecosystem to ensure that no guilty party escapes penal consequences, and to protect the public interest.

Prior to joining MIA, Redzuan clocked 39 years of service as a police officer involved in technical operations and prosecution, as a Senior Magistrate handling criminal and drug-related cases, and as the Senior Director of Enforcement-cum-Senior Federal Counsel in Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia handling corporate matters.